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Jeff tapped into his creative outlet at a young age, beginning at nine years old, when he started drawing all the signage for Salvation Army in San Diego County.

At eleven years old, he started oil painting on his own (and then convinced his parents to let him take professional lessons).

Being a huge fan of punk rock inspired him to start playing drums at thirteen.

At seventeen, he started drawing for skateboard manufacturers, including: Tim Bissell (San Diego, La Jolla)

Chris Hawk (Huntington Beach), Sakal Surfboards (Huntington Beach), Rockin’ Fig (Huntington Beach).

In his early twenties, Jeff moved from San Diego to Huntington Beach after experiencing the traumatic death of his best friend and poured his focus into surfing and continuing to draw for other snow/skate/surf companies, including: Acme Manufacturing, Black Flys Sunglasses, World Industries, and HUB Snowboards.

During that time period, he was also accepted to UNLV School of Architecture and graduated with a BFA in 1998.

After receiving his degree, Jeff moved to Seattle and soon realized that he wanted to pursue his artistic passion in the world of tattooing. He began his apprenticeship under Richard Otten and has worked with the likes of Benjamin Moss, Little Joe Adamson, Majenta, Gilbert Jumping Eagle, Victor Policheri, and David Heskin, contributing writer for Pain Magazine.

It has been a total of over twelve years now in the industry and his artistic talents have continued to expand his client list, including: M-Eightie Clothing, Union Bay Clothing, MMA Fighter Keith Jardine, TCS Skateboard Co., Love They Neighbor Skateboard Co., Aiden, and the movie Fanboyz.

Jeff continues to draw, paint, and design, as well as tattoo full time. He enjoys working in multiple platforms because “it makes me feel like a complete individual, and that translates into my artwork.